Modern automated vocational guidance.

Researching and analyzing personality, angles and each person’s preferences.

It questions and analyzes at the same time the personality, the inclinations and the interests of a person by defining the studies and the jobs that suit him/her. Also it deals with the positive or limited prospects in the job market as well as the possible alternatives in other jobs or specializations.

The test is suited for boys and girls who are students at the 3rd grade of Secondary School and High school. Based on the results of the research for the test’s effectiveness, we observe that student’s self-awareness is increased and at the same time the number of alternative choices, observed by the students themselves, is also increased.

Moreover, we have to mark that it contains useful information that has to do with studies in 3rd grade education. To be more precise, for students of the first year of high school, it allows punctual and precise choices in which direction they should choose.

It helps Second grade of High school students to take the right decisions for change at study direction.

Third grade students are given full information about their studies so they can spot the occupations that are best suited for them based on their personality and take the right decisions that will affect their future.

Downloading the automated career test definitely helps you to define your career or to engage to the academic field or to engage with research or to get a master’s degree different from your current diploma.

In other words, it helps you realize what you are more compatible with and could have a successful future career for you.

You’ve just graduated from the university and you need directions for the career road that lies ahead of you.

You wonder for the best way to use your diploma at its best and if you really need to have more specialized studies that will help your future career prospects.

Career gate test shows you your compatibility with the database of the modern and future occupations.

If you are counting every minute of the day until you finish your daily job routine, if you have lost every interest in what you are doing and in general you feel displeased with your job ,finding the career that truly suits you is of very high importance in order to satisfy your ambitions and this test is the success key in this kind of situations.

It will help you think and decide if you must change your career and find your true call.