Terms of Use

Visitors/ users of this website should read this section carefully prior to their visit or use with regard to any of the Proprietor’s webpages or services. In case of disagreement they should not use the site; otherwise they signify their agreement with the terms and give their consent. Career Gate Test (hereinafter referred to as the “Proprietor”) is the owner of this website and reserves the right to update or modify the terms of use and any other relevant terms and conditions. Visitors/ users of the website should check these updates and continue to use the site only if they clearly and unconditionally accept the modified terms and conditions. The content of this website is owned by the Proprietor and the Proprietor is responsible for the information which is available in it. No company whatsoever, referred to in the site can be bound by the content or held responsible for it. The use of best endeavours is constantly attempted in order for the content of this website to be accurate, trustworthy, reliable and objective. The Proprietor shall not be liable for the content of any advertisement appearing in the site, nor do they suggest directly or indirectly that the visitors/ users take any specific action. It is therefore up to the visitors’/users’ will to act as they see fit on their own responsibility. Visitors/ users of this website have to comply with the law, these terms and conditions and standards of public decency, as long as they visit the site and use the services provided in it. In addition, they have to refrain from any acts or omissions which can directly or indirectly harm the Proprietor, third parties, the operation of the website and/or their intellectual property rights.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

The content of this website, which includes images, graphic designs, photographs, plans, texts and files, constitute intellectual property, registered trademarks and trademarks of products and services of the Proprietor and are protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek and European law and international agreements. Intellectual property rights concerning the several versions of the career aptitude tests, as well as any other kind of tests provided by the Career Gate Test website and in particular concerning their software are exclusively owned by Mr. Theodoros Katsanevas. The IT and web engineers who worked on the software and webpages of the tests, followed the instructions of Mr. Theodoros Katsanevas and, apart from a technical and executive participation, they have no essential part in the software and the creation of the webpages; therefore, they hold no intellectual property right whatsoever with regard to the tests and webpages. Possible leak of the test software to third parties is prosecuted under criminal and civil law. The material and information included in the pages of this website can be used freely by the visitor/ user, but the copy, modification, reproduction and/or publication of this material for any reason (commercial or other) is allowed only following the Proprietor’s written consent. In other words, visitors/ users of this website can utilise all the above only for their own personal use and not for commercial reasons, provided that they will properly refer to the creator and his intellectual property rights. Other products and services included in this website, which are trademarked under other companies, organisations, bodies, associations and/or publishing companies constitute their respective intellectual and industrial property.


The Proprietor shall not be liable for any errors or inaccuracies regarding the transmission of information and/or requests by visitors/ users, for instances of interference, identity fraud, errors in the registration of personal details or system failure due to force majeure or for any other reason, which has not been willfully or through gross negligence provoked by the Proprietor. The Proprietor has taken any possible measure to ensure the highest level of security and the visitors’/ users’ trust and in order to secure the transactions, the site uses the Secure Shell Layer protocol (SSL). Nonetheless, the Proprietor shall not be held responsible with regard to any claims or demands, whether under civil, criminal, administrative law or other, on any legal basis whatsoever, as well as for any damage that may be incurred to visitors/ users of the site as a consequence of their visit/ use, except in the event of willful misconduct or gross negligence on behalf of the Proprietor. In addition, the Proprietor has no responsibility concerning the illegal use of credit cards by persons other than the owner, even if their loss has been declared to the bank; the customer/ owner of such credit card is fully responsible for it and its safekeeping.

Links to other sites

The Proprietor shall not be liable for the various links, hyperlinks and/or advertisement banners that refer to third parties’ webpages and are included in this site, as they cannot be inspected and monitored. Owners of the respective websites are responsible for their operation, availability, content, personal data protection and service quality. Therefore, visitors/ users of this site have to address the respective website and its owner for any problem that may arise in connection to third parties’ pages. The existence of the above in this website does not indicate that the Proprietor approves or endorses the content of these sites or anything associated with them in any way whatsoever.

Personal data protection

In order to use the services of this website, visitors/ users are required to register their personal data. For this reason, the Proprietor has taken all necessary action to ensure personal data protection. Management and protection of any personal data communicated to the Proprietor are subject to the terms herein, law 2472/1997 and the directives of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority. The Proprietor commits itself not to communicate/ provide personal data of visitors/ users to third parties in any way and not to use them improperly without the consent of the visitors/ users (except for cases provided for by law and the competent Authorities). Visitors/ users of this website consent to the use of their registered personal data only by the Proprietor for commercial and professional reasons. Minors, under 18 years old, are required to have their guardian’s consent/ permission in order to submit their personal data. In any case, visitors/ users reserve the right of access and objection regarding their submitted personal data and their processing. To this purpose, such a request has to be addressed in writing to Career Gate Test, 31 Veranzerou st., 104 32 Athens, Greece.

Payment methods- Security of transactions

Within Greece:

All visitors/ users of the website who reside within Greek territory can use the following payment methods:

Payment by credit, debit or prepaid Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express through Alpha e-Commerce service.

If the user chooses to pay by credit, debit and prepaid card, i.e. Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, they will be automatically transferred to the payment page of ALPHA e-Commerce online platform by Alpha Bank, where they will submit their card’s details. In this way the safety of the transaction is ensured.


This website does not store, nor saves in any way the details of the visitor’s/ user’s credit card and the orders that are placed through credit cards are executed only when our company has confirmed that the transaction has been authorised.

Payment through PayPal (for users abroad)

Users may select to pay for their order through PayPal. In order to complete the transaction they have to access the website of PayPal and fill in their personal details. You can read the PayPal terms of use in the following link: PayPal Terms of Use.

Deposit to our company’s bank account

You can contact us at (0030) 210 5222 847 and we will give you our company’s bank account details, so that your order can be completed.

Outside Greece:

For visitors/ users of this website, who reside outside Greece the same payment methods apply, on the same terms, as for Greek residents.

Privacy policy

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance for the Proprietor. The basic principles of classical transactions are also in force in the case of e-commerce. All information communicated by visitors/ users to Career Gate Test are confidential and Career Gate Test has taken all necessary action so as to use this information only when required, in the context of the provided services.

Delivery and return policy

The Proprietor is bound to cancel your order and return your money only in the following two cases:

  • Delivery of the wrong product code (test version), as a result of the Proprietor’s error.
  • If you are not satisfied by our services.

In case of the above and, provided that the visitor/ user wishes to return the product and/or a refund of their money, the Proprietor commit themselves that within 15 days from the relevant notice (email us at: info@careergatetest.com) they will complete the return. It is noted that requests for return will be accepted by the Proprietor only following a request in writing at the above email address. The Proprietor is responsible for the immediate delivery of the products/ services to the visitor/ user of this site, within 3 days from the completion of the transaction.