Career gate test k.17 is one of the best Vocational Direction tests in Greece and worldwide. It has been applied with absolute success for the past 10 years, in more than 100.000 users and it is the only test that has an ISO9001 quality certification. It is being constantly updated and it can be adjusted based on individual needs and different versions. It is based on official scientific data, it is weighted, reliable, valid and easy to use and understand.

In approximately 20-30 minutes the user answers via the computer and the web, with a yes and no, in simple constructed questions. Conclusions are being issued instantly, concluding with precision the association percentage of each personality with the career prospects and jobs that suit them in a downgraded scale, with indications of their perspectives in the job market and alternatives in different occupations.

The report contains the identification grade of the user’s personality based on the “six types of personalities” by Holland and the scale of self image and determination provided by the user at this given time. The on board security software of the test does not allow false conclusions.

Through these years there has been no user questioning of its conclusions and at the same time it has being accepted by international scientific conferences, publications and every day usage. Except of its basic version concerning educational choices for jobs that are connected with higher education studies, different versions are available that deal with master’s degree studies, professional education and autonomous personality tests by Holland, emotional intelligence etc. The test is translated in English, Arabic and soon in other languages as well.

C.G.T.K. 17 has being composed by a distinguished university team of Piraeus University and London School of Economics, experts at vocational guidance and the job market with many studies, books and scientific publications at relevant fields. Researches are concentrated and combine psychometry, the job market and the educational system. They are based on the modern and original classification k.17 combining official international theories, especially the one by John Holland. The test is issued by the central scientific team of C.G.T., by qualified advisors and collaborators, from Greece and abroad.