In addition to the direct availability of the test through our website, the test can also be given through a network of partners and certified career consultants, by public and private bodies, municipalities, parents ‘ associations, schools, institutes, Centers Education and career counselling throughout Greece, Cyprus and other countries.

The creation of this platform facilitates our partners to promote mass registrations while promoting their own organization by utilizing the technological infrastructures and their own workforce.

Careergate has collaborated already in the past and welcomes new collaborations with:

  • schools, colleges, Universities
  • Other educational institutions
  • Companies
  • Institutions and associations
  • Career Guidance Counsellors


With more than 20 years of experience and an impressive scientific record, Careergate’s team ensures complete guidance in professional career orientation.

Partners gain independent access and management of the test, in their own space through our electronic platform. The manager of each seminar has access to the Management Administration Panel (MAP) which allows him/her to organize and manage the tests of the organization according to the needs that exist occasionaly.

The associated centre has the option to provide the test exclusively for its own community or to operate as an Open Access Center attracting test takers from a wider region. In this case, Careergate promotes and advertises the center through its website and other electronic Media.

In addition, in any new collaboration, we offer:

  • Mentor certified training is offered for the analysis of the Test and its continuous support.
  • Free seminar and career counselling information to pupils and parents, where possible, e.g. in schools and Institutes.
  • Help with the analysis of the results and presence of a member of the scientific team of Career Gate Test K. 17 in meetings of school counsellors with parents and pupils, if they wish
  • The ability to identify and adapt the Report to the needs of the foundation including the logo and special greeting of each educational institution
  • At the disposal of the partner, our specialized personnel presence during the conduct of the test to ensure the flawless conduction of the Career Gate Test K. 17

Signing with CAREEGATE has no cost to the Associate, but on the contrary it can bring multiple benefits.

Trust CAREEGATE and get a comparative advantage over Competition.


If you want to become an Associate, please fill in the form below or simply send us an e-mail at contact@carergatecy.com and we will contact you directly.