Instructions on how to take the Career Gate Test

  1. The questionnaire usually takes about half an hour, with no strict time limits.
  2. When answering the questions try to be comfortable, stress free and focused, this will help you make the right decisions for your own future.
  3. Answer the questions spontaneously without any delay, use the first answer that comes to mind.
  4. The questionnaire contains questions about preferences, interests and situations that suit you or not. It is not a knowledge test.
  5. You must answer all the questions, otherwise your personalized personal report cannot be issued.
  6. Several of the questions require actions that you may not have the actual level of knowledge or experience, such as: “would you like to compose music?”. In these cases, assume that you have the relevant knowledge and capabilities and simply answer with yes or no.
  7. Be honest and consistent with the information you provide and that are suitable for you, because otherwise, the test software will not issue your personalized report.
  8. If you make a mistake in an answer and you have moved on to the next one, you can go back and correct it.

Good Luck!