• Select the “try the test” icon
  • When the test appears right click
  • Add to basket
  • Make the payment
  • Fill in your personal details
  • A link will appear so you can take the test
  • If the link does not appear, you login to your email where you can see the link.

We wish you good luck!!

The results will be sent to your e-mail.

  • Check your spam /junk emails
  • If it is not there, wait until they appear
  • If they still do not appear please call us so we can help you Communication service number: +3572278.0250

The payment is realized via PayPal only

The test costs 67 euros including personal specialization report, which is sent to you for free.

Everyone can take career gate test, students, university students and also people who wish a change at their career.

This would not be necessary since the test is punctual and trustworthy. This means that even if repeated, it will still have the same results given that one is truthful at his answers

  • It will be completed in approximately 30- 45 minutes without strict time limits.
  • It contains questions about preferences, interests and situations that suit you or not.
  • It not a test of knowledge.
  • You must answer every question in order to receive a valid personal report.
  • Each answer in every question has to be answered truly by what you desire and not based a general chosen answer.

Katsanevas Theodoros (PhD, LS..E.).
Head of the scientific team and creator of the test.

Professor at university of Piraeus and director of Greek counseling and directing company (ELESIP)

In Greek and in English. You may choose the language from main menu.

  • The results are confidential and there is absolutely no way of a third party to be informed.
  • It is up to your judgment, the sharing of this information.

The results will be sent to you immediately after the completion of the test.

There is absolutely no need for preparation.